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Panelrok is a modern, more cost effective, great alternative to traditional brick/plaster or concrete fences with acoustic qualities that can be installed within days. Panelrok fencing can be used in so many different ways, privacy screens, boundary fences, pool fencing or the main front fence. There are many different styles of Panelrok fences to choose from, mix it up with some powdercoated aluminium slats for something different. View our gallery for more Panelrok fencing ideas.


We offer a range of traditional and speciality pool fencing, like aluminium and steel pool fencing in all colours, as well as the more contemporary style of pool fencing from Panelrok. We can install different pool fencing options by using a mix of Panelrok pool fencing and metal pool fencing to compliment your overall pool area. We can work in with each and every design to help you get the look you want to achieve. View our gallery for great pool fencing ideas.


From your basic timber boundary fence to top of the line timber fencing options such as horizontal slat fencing, Tongue & Groove (TG&V) pailings or the premium range of fence panels from Heritage. We can cater for many different timber fence options to suit your needs and budget. These timber fences could be for your boundary, back yard, privacy screen or timber fence and timber gates to compliment the front of your house. View our gallery for more timber fencing ideas.


Tanner Fencing provides a range of standard specification fencing options which make welded mesh panels ideal for a huge array of fencing applications. These include factory or building site enclosures, tennis court fencing, temporary security fencing and many more.

Security Fencing


Street appeal is created right from your fence to the front door. The fence you select forms an extension of your home and lifestyle. Tube fencing is the economical option for your front and/or backyard. It is simple to install and a proven safety fencing solution. There are an increasing number of very stylish and contemporary fence designs available that will not only complement the style of your home, but allow it to be seen to its best advantage.


This type of fencing is an important issue for many industrial and commercial premises, as well as residential properties. Security fencing is used very effectively to help with warehouse security, factories, schools, car parks and to increase the security of your property.


Slat and Louvre fencing are ideal to create a stunning modern appearance with the added benefit of low maintenance screening. Slat screen fencing provides both privacy and a contemporary look. Slat screen panels are ideal for features in new or existing fences, can be fitted to pergolas, gazebos, decks and be made into both pedestrian and driveway gates.